George Georgalis

Computing Systems Architect & Quality Systems

In 1998, George Georgalis transitioned a medical discovery service to a San Diego system administration consultancy. Relocating in 2001, he consulted 5 years for New York City and New Jersey companies. In 2004, Metrum Research Group, a Connecticut based Pharma trial research organization, contracted him to engineer a PK/PD modeling and simulation grid. Two years later, Mr. Georgalis joined MetrumRG as Information Systems Scientist. In 2008, he was appointed Faculty of Science Researcher, Department of Pharmacology, Leiden University (Netherlands), for LACDR and the Dutch Top Institute Pharma Consortium, to develop knowledgebase and HPC facilities. After returning to the states, he was contracted to analyze DNS at a financial firm, developed research computing at 23andMe and bootstrapped automated deployment at Cisco/WebEx. Offline interests include teaching ESL, Tae Qwon Do, Archery, music and film.

George Georgalis,
Dec 23, 2012, 3:45 PM