Experience Overview

George Georgalis <george@galis.org>

In 1998, Mr Georgalis, an Information Systems expert, transitioned a medical discovery service (he founded 4 years earlier for library research) to a system administration consultancy for San Diego business. Relocating in 2001, he consulted 5 years for New York City and New Jersey companies. In 2004, Metrum Research Group, a Connecticut based pharmacometric research organization, contracted him to engineer a validated quantitative pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation grid. Two years later, Mr Georgalis joined MetrumRG as Information Systems Scientist. In 2008, he was appointed Faculty of Science Researcher, Pharmacometric Platform Manager, Department of Pharmacology, Leiden University (Netherlands) for LACDR and the Dutch Top Institute Pharma Consortium, to develop the knowledgebase and HPC facility. His experience includes:
  • BSD/Linux Operating Systems and Hardware
  • Firewall, Networks and VPN
  • Computer System Validation (21 CFR Part 11)
  • Top-level Domain Registrar
  • ISP Facility and Internet Services
  • Graphics and Multimedia
  • Help Desk Support
  • Web Applications
Area Specialties: security, network protocols, data warehousing, systems integration, account management, configuration management, vendor negotiation, hardware & hardware virtualization, distributed filesystems, High Performance Computing, Unix mentoring, decision tree analysis, unit testing, change control, project management.

  • Requirement discovery and design specification.
  • Operational procedures and system documentation.
  • Hardware, software license provision and management.
  • Host and workstation imaging, replication and management.
  • Auditing, security, VPN, encryption, access and monitoring.
  • Information qualification and validation (digital signatures).
  • Multimedia, graphics, websites and presentation.
  • Library and Internet research.
  • PKPD modeling and simulation.
  • Process analysis and illustration.
  • Data management and assurance.
  • Backup and disaster recovery.
  • Data visualization systems.
  • Database management.
A brief resume is attached below. Feel free to contact George Georgalis <george@galis.org> with questions about experience and availability.
George Georgalis,
Apr 27, 2009, 12:37 PM